Our Motto

To be more clear about our goal for our trip we have come up with the idea of a motto. Our goal is to live this motto to the best of our ability and to impress upon others to do the same. This motto is Latin and is also the motto of Miami University, Prodesse Quam Conspici. This, in English, means “To accomplish rather than to be conspicuous.” We want to be able to conquer our own life, and our own goals in stead of worrying about what others view us as.

In regards to this specific trip, our goal is to not solely bike out to Maine, but to motivate people along the way. In this instance, “to accomplish” means to spread the joy of healthy living and to make it fun for others to live their life for the better. Yes, originally we thought our motto should be Omnia Extares, which means “let it all hang out”, but we really wanted to stick with a more concrete goal and mission. We want to break the stereotype of “coach space consuming teenagers” and show that this younger generation has the potential to reach their goals.

We will be touching base on our motto in the future to make sure we are still on track, but until then we want you to find a goal, maybe an act of chivalry or an exercise plan that you don’t tell more than five people about. Do something nice for someone, but don’t stress that they know. Accomplish goals for yourself not for others. In the end, you will feel a lot better about yourself. Now, without further ado, stand up and do 10 jumping jacks.


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