The Inside Peak 3/5/13


Food: Breakfast: Three eggs with ham and cheese, along with grape nuts and toast with peanut butter and honey. Lunch: Cesar salad, a cup of carrots and cauliflower, some walnuts, and turkey. Snack: cliff bar and more turkey. Dinner: Protien shake, apple, turkey sandwich with spinach and tomato, and a glass of milk with a carrot.

Exercise: Grappling for 45 min and then I did circuits for conditioning: pull up with and without weight, tire flips, super crunches with weight, plyometric push ups, one handed push ups, flip overs, headstand leg extentions, and TRX push ups with pikes.

Calories: 1000-1200


Food: Breakfast: Two cups of oatmeal with grapenuts, brown sugar, and milk. Lunch: Two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a cliff bar, crackers, and two apples. Snack: A cliff bar (obviously white chip macadamia nut) after my work out. Dinner: 4 slices of meatloaf with oven baked vegetables and garlic bread.

Exercise: 40:00 min spinning on high gear, heart rate 180 and above. Then 1 hour of a slightly lower gear, heart rate from 175-200. Total miles: 40. Then my personal abdominal workout (will be posted and described at a later date). I also shoveled. Reluctantly.

Calories: 1000+


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