10 Minute Abdominal Workout

This is my abdominal work out that I do every other day. It is fast and easy, but leaves you with a nice sore stomach. What’s great about this work out is that it is based on repetitions in stead of intervals so you can do then anywhere, you don’t need to be next to a clock. Enjoy!

Part 1:
Put your legs up at ninety degrees and do small crunches, 70 of them.


Part 2:
Put your hands under your butt and outstretch one leg above the ground about 6 inches while you crunch up the other one. Then switch leg positions. These are called bicycles or whatever name you have for it and you should do 20 of them.


Part 3:
Simply keep your hands under your butt and outstretch both legs above the ground at six inches and hold until you count to 20 (slowly) šŸ™‚


Now repeat parts 2 & 3

Part 4:
Get onto your side and stretch out while propping yourself up with your arm, then crunch up your legs to your chest and back out straight. Remember not to let your legs touch the ground! Do 20 on each side.



Part: 5
Do a side plank! To count how long you should do it, dip your hips down to the ground and lift them back up to the straight position. Count 20 dips, on both sides.


Part: 6
Get in a normal crunch or sit-up position and cross one leg over the other knee. Crunch up and move to the side so your elbow touches your knee. Count 20 on both sides.



Part: 7
Time for some V-ups! Start by balancing on your butt and crunch both your legs and your stomach up to meet in the middle. Do 20 of them šŸ™‚ slowly



Part: 8
Almost there!! This one is kinda a repeat. You have to do part 1 over again but only 50 repetitions and then do 2x (part: 2&3) still 20 reps each for those.

Part: 9
Finally the end!!!! Flip over to your now rock hard stomach and do as many push ups as you possibly can!!


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