The Perfect Way to Intensify Your Workout

I was doing a wonderful workout down at my local YMCA today when I got to thinking about my exercise routine. For this day especially I was just sitting on the spin bike on an average gear and peddling away. Yeah, my heart rate was at about 170 or so which is pretty good for endurance training, but I wanted to find a simple way to spice up my workout.

At the time I was listening to “Fall Out Boy”, just another rock band that’s a little out of date, but still keeps me from falling asleep on the bike. After a few songs I realized that the perfect way to up your workout is to add difficulty during the chorus of the song. I know, I know it sounds childish, but if you think about it, it makes great sense.

1. The chorus is a climax part of the song and is a more powerful energizer than the verse.

2. On average the chorus is about 20-30 seconds long which is a great time span to do a sprint or a “stand up” on a bike or whatever will push your workout to the next level.

3. You don’t need a watch or a timer or anything! (Except for the music of course) You just need to listen and this allows you to focus more on other factors of your workout like form, heart rate, distance, or even the scenery.

4. To top off each song there is usually a chorus right at the very end, but it will commonly be repeated two or three times to really extend your sprint time.

I know this sounds likes fairly simple idea, but it is an easy, fun, yet fatiguing way to push your workouts. Here is an idea for a bike ride with this song technique.

Bike ride:

Warm up- first two songs

Sprint chorus- one song
Steady- one song
Stand up (tough gear)- one song
Steady- two songs


Cool down- two songs

Total time: give or take 45:00


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