Strong Kids Campaign

So, if you aren’t aware already, I, Parker, work at my local YMCA as a swim instructor. I love it at the YMCA, because they do not just emphasize good fitness, but stress outstanding character, and firm integrity. These are the kinds of points that Zach and I would like to incorporate into the message of our trip. We want you to go out and be healthy while having a good time, yet we also want you to uphold strong values.

Because Zach and I are trying to get more people aware of the trip we are taking, I went down to have meeting with my supervisor the other day to see if she could spread the word about us around the YMCA a little bit. She completely agreed to try to make us known by more people, but she also gave us a great idea to incorporate into our trip. Her idea was to get people aware of what Zach and I are doing it and why, and to have people donate money. Not to us personally obviously, but to the Strong Kids Campaign. It is a campaign where any money that is earned (100% of our donations) will go to a less fortunate family that does not have enough money to put their kids in different activities anywhere from summer camps, to private swim lessons.

I jumped right on this idea in the meeting and I talked it over with Zach and he thought it would be pretty awesome as well if we could raise some money to help kids get out and exercise. We thought that it would fit with our overall theme of our trip. Keep in mind that we am not calling all the impoverished kids out there coach potatoes, because our bottom line is to get kids active, whether the culprit is lack of money, or lack of motive.

What got me really excited was that there was a guy that ran 16 hours straight on a treadmill for the same reasons. He ended up raising about 9000 dollars towards this campaign! What is getting me even more excited is that I think Zach and I could even get bigger than that! I want our message, and this campaign to not only spread locally, but to the different towns that we are going through and the different people that we are going to meet, because face it, out to Maine and back will take a lot longer than 16 hours.

Unfortunately, it is not 100% set in stone yet. My supervisor loved it, and the higher-ups loved it as well, but Zach and I are going in to meet with them to officially start it this week! We really hope that it will work out and that we can benefit some kids out there that do not have the resources to participate in the activities that we all love so very much. Now, in honor of all the kids that we will help, find something close to you that weighs over 10 pounds and lift it above your head 15 times. Stay healthy.


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