The Will to Exercise

Personally I think the hardest thing about getting yourself out to exercise is simply getting out the door. The will to get out of that comfortable “lazy boy” and away from your new favorite show on Netflix is tough, I know, but there has to be some ways that you can force yourself to get out and exercise.

1. Start something new! Don’t do the same old boring run that you do every morning, go for an adventure run or hop on a bike. Another idea would be to search for recreational leagues locally of sports you haven’t tried. This builds excitement towards what you are doing just like doing something different at work makes time go by faster. Moral of the story, don’t work out in a cubicle.

2. Phone a friend! Companionship is key when you are terrorizing your muscles. If you have someone with you so you both can endure the pain together, the pain becomes more manageable. *Tip* Always tell your friend the work out you did is one of the hardest ones that you have done. Then they’ll come back.

3. Don’t take all day! We live busy lives. Correction: We live overwhelming lives, and the idea of taking an hour out of your day to just put yourself in cardiovascular pain does not sound that appealing. Good news for you is that there are many work outs that take under 20 minutes to finish and they cram in the same amount of a heart work out! What I’m trying to say is, do not let exercise take up your whole day, just spend a little bit of time on it and see where it gets you. *tip* If you are stressed out with who knows what, exercise can be a great reliever of that stress. The bottom line is once you exercise a little, it is a lot easier to conquer what you need to get done for the day. So maybe taking 20 minutes to an  hour a day to work out will save you time in the long run.

4. Write it down! Everyone who exercises knows that progress can be slow, but it is still progress! Write down certain data that you want to improve upon. Maybe your weight, distance, time, intensity, or even overall health. Write it down and keep track and you will find that once you can look back upon what you have achieved, it will be a lot easier to continue your performance and achieve more.

I hope that these simple suggestions help you roll away from Netflix and burn a few calories, but make sure to always have fun! *If it’s not fun, then change something to make it fun. But, unfortunately, it can always be fun. Stay Healthy.

P.S. Those of you that are frustrated that I just gave you legitimate reasons to get out and be active, keep checking our blog, because coming soon is “how to reward yourself.”


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