How To Reward Yourself

So, a day ago I wrote how you can get up an exercise, what a thrill right? Well today comes the more interesting part. Today comes the, “How do I reward myself after making myself feel like jell-o.” Remember, all rewards come in moderate doses. If your reward yourself too much, it’s not doing any good.

1. Eat something unhealthy! I know, I know, it sounds crazy, but after working out rigorously it will definitely not kill you to toss back some gummy worms or a few chips. But beware, because I have noticed that the more I exercise, the more unappealing those foods look to me. But if some “Milk Duds” are right up your alley, pop a few and give yourself a pat on the back. As long as this reward gets you out to exercise the next day…

2. Eat something healthy! This sounds a little bit more realistic than a pile of junk food, but I’m sure there are some of you out there that would rather eat anything other than a salad with some fruit. Despite the healthiness though, these types of foods are great to take in after a work. The obvious is that it too is good for your body, but I have found that topping my work out with some vegies and dip just makes me feel better all around about what I accomplished that day. Eating junk food tends to negate some of the good exercise feeling that you have, but eating health tends to exemplify it. Search for some vegies that you actually enjoy and pop them down after your work out. Let me know how it compares to “Milk Duds.”

3. Relax! Your muscles just got done working hard, feel free to give them a break. This would be a good time to sit down to one of your favorite shows. I find that playing card games, or getting my mind working is a great way to distract myself from my sore muscles. If you have homework or some chores to do, I know it doesn’t sound like a reward, but do them!

4. Exercise! I wish i could have seen your faces when reading this, but it’s true! What is more wonderful to follow exercise than exercise itself! I will give an example for this one so you guys do not get so confused. I am on a local curling league, and we only have games Sunday nights. Therefore, that morning, I usually give myself a nice hard, long work out and then go off to lunch, but in the evening I curl. Yes, curling isn’t the most physical demanding sport around, but that’s what I’m going for here. I am not expecting you to do two Iron Mans, but you could go out for a run in the morning and then go golfing later or something along those lines. These low stress sports are great for loosening up your muscles and preparing you for the killer work out the next day.

I hope that these “rewards” suited you guys well and that you are now having something to look forward to after your work outs. Remember, 8 hours of sleep and a good breakfast will give you the performance you are searching for. Stay healthy.


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