Our First Couple Meetings

So, towards the end of this week, Zach and I met with both Skihut and the YMCA. If I could use one word to describe both of them, it would be “success”.

As far as Skihut, we are not finalizing anything yet, but they seemed very supportive of our mission and our adventure. The biking community of Duluth is great that way. Zach and I both have a good time describing to people what we are doing for our trip and how we will go about doing it. It looks like Skihut was intrigued! I hope that in the future Zach and I could bike with some of the guys from Skihut, they all seemed very nice and supportive!

And for the YMCA, Zach and I got the impression that they are really going to want to get involved with our trip! Their involvement is exciting to us not only to give us more personal support, but to raise awareness and money for the “Strong Kids Campaign”!

All in all, meeting with these two places was a good experience for Zach and I and I think we are headed in the right direction with some support along the way. I will keep the blog updated of our progression with all of our supporters, donators, sponsors, however you choose to call them. I hope that our trip will be a positive adventure for not only Zach and I, but for the community as well. Stay healthy.


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