The Upcoming Week

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days, I was touring some colleges down in the cities! I think I finally settled upon University if St. Thomas! Woo! Well anyway, back to biking, it was slightly difficult to bike in the dorm rooms down there so I took a couple days off, but my legs are cooled off and ready to go! I’m wanting to hear some input about how many miles I should bike this week to motivate me this week so you should just do a quick comment down there to give me a goal!! (And if course Zach too if he is t too busy pinching things). So, moral of the story, Zach and I need to amp up the training a little. We have a mock trip that we are doing half way into April and ill tell ya, it’s coming up quick. And the second moral of the story, set goals and reach them. Woo!! Go exercising! (And honey; because its truly very good for you!!)


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