The Trick to Being Skinny

Unfortunately, society has doomed us all. It doomed us in an unhealthy way to be honest. I am banking in the fact that you, and the crowd of people you have intently staring at your computer screen, have seen all those wonderfully skinny models on television, magazines, or other forms of media. These photos are very self-destructing! So many young teenagers have taken it to heart that they need to force themselves to be skinny. Now, skinny is healthy, yes, but only to a certain extent. On this blog, and with the mission of our trip, we do not want to encourage the extremes of the spectrum to health. We don’t want people lying around and eating crap all day, yet we want you to strive to be fit in a healthy way. So, to make these both easier for everyone, I have a simple dietary tip for all of you.

So many commercials and advertising is surrounded around dieting. Diet sodas and yogurts and you name it. There are different plans out there that help you lose weight with the ever so encouraging voice at the end saying “if you lose more than 20 pounds in an hour, please contact your doctor.” Let’s be honest here, these are shortcuts. And we could go on and on about what ones are legitimately healthy and what ones are bad for your health. So, in turn, I decided to get to the core of dieting and help every single one of you out. The key and ultimate secret to becoming skinnier or more fit or both is simply, burn more calories than you take in. There, I said it! Now, what I want you to do us start to look at our blog more regularly and you will see us post the different meals we had for the day and you can start to get a well rounded idea about how you can watch what you eat, exercise a little, and come out feeling one hundred percent. Oh, and the second deeper darker secret about looking like that perfect body image is taking the stairs. But of course you already knew that one. (P.S. the excuse, “my floor is way too high to take the stairs” is not valid. Run next time).


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