Our Mock Trip

Finally the biking is here! Zach and I have a mock trip that we are going on during the week of April 8. We are going doing to the twin cities and back which is about a 170 mile ride. Hopefully Minnesota decides to warm up a tad to make this trip a little hit more enjoyable. This trip, although it will be fun, has many serious benefits and reasons:

– Practice working on the bike and using equipment.
– Personal confidence in our abilities.
– Giving confidence to our sponsors about our abilities.
– Some legitimate distance to cover and how we handle.
– Practice camping on our own.
– Testing out some of our food ideas.
– To see how well we get along.

These are some critical things that we need to get past before we really start preparing for our longer ride in the summer. Once we get back we will be meeting with the YMCA and various other places and report how the mock trip went. We will include any issues, how we plan to fix them, and end with how excited we still are!

As far as leading up to this mock trip is concerned, we are ready to get outside. Despite how short of a time I have been training, I am going a little crazy spin biking all the time. This week we are supposed to get into the 40 degree range and hit 50 on one if the days. Hopefully this can take down the snow a couple notches and allow Zach and I to begin peddling! Ill keep you guys updated! Stay healthy.


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