The First of Many

And we finally hit the roads! A whopping 40 degrees cracked us out of our biking hibernation and onto the pavement. It was a little rickety getting going and trying to cooperate, but once we got going we were like a well oiled engine. We knocked off 14.6 miles but seeing Duluth is a mountain and we went down, back up, down, and back up again, it wasn’t half bad. Not only was this first trip out in the bike a good learning curve for us, but our excitement for this trip just escalated exponentially. We are both exercise fanatics and the work out and the fun of riding this bike is right up our alley. The weather is starting to become a lot nicer and with it, will come more and more miles. Next week will be even nicer because I will start biking down to school and Zach and I will be able to get biking right away with the weight of all our books in our bags. In conclusion, today was awesome and we can’t wait for more. Bring it on.


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