Plans are a Changin’

So, unfortunately I traveled down to western Duluth to find that the Munger Trail leading down to the cities is covered in snow. Now I, like everyone else, want to believe that the snow will melt. Unfortunately, I must remind you that we are still in Duluth MN therefore I cannot bank on anything. So, on the positive side, I have found a new way to get down to the cities and back! We will
most likely be traveling along the two lane high way that runs parallel to the interstate. It has more traffic, yet still slightly secluded. We are hoping to make it about 100 miles the first day to be able to get to a state park by the name of St. Croix. It has running water so we’re pretty pumped. If not, we will end up having to stay at the “anywhere in the woods where no one will kill us” inn. They usually have vacancy. In the end, our mock trip is still on the way and we are slightly more excited.

On a quick second thought, Zach and I are attempting to find a “mojo” for our bike ride. You know, like a stuffed animal that we can put in the front or something in that nature. If any ideas are to be had on the subject, do not hesitate to let us know.


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