Another Great Day for Biking

We got some more miles in! Leading up to our trip this weekend we wanted to get out onto the bike again. It was a beautiful day to do so too! About 50 degrees according to the temperature gauge in my Prius which might be faulty, but it felt warm! Anyway, we cruised down from 24th to Grand Ave and took that all the way out to 98th ave W. Then we spun around after indulging in a couple Cliff bars and sped home. Instead of going up 24th we decided to go up 59th and get onto Highland and from Highland to Stebner and from Stebner to Hermantown Road. Over all it was 25 miles, and subtracting the time it took us to feast and take off a layer of warm clothing, brought our time to roughly 1:20. If you are reading this and are mathematically impaired, no worries, we crunched the numbers. We averaged about 18.75 miles per hour, but taking into consideration stop lights it was most likely up around 19. If we continued this pace, we would reach our goal of 100 miles in 5 hours and 20 minutes. Of course, this will be lengthened with a loaded bike, but I think it shouldn’t be too bad. We will have to see how our trip turns out this weekend. We will keep you guys updated! Happy peddling.


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