Our First Day: Batting a Thousand

So, yesterday it sleeted in Duluth and the roads were not rideable. So, my mother ended up driving Zach and I as far as we could where the roads were decent. She dropped us off in Carlton, and that’s where our adventures began. We started off cruising at about 20 and above miles an hour until we got too hungry and had to stop for lunch. This whole time it was about 34 degrees or less, cloudy. We ended up stopping in Sandstone where we ate some sandwiches and got cursed at by some 12 year old kids. After being taunted for 15 minutes by middles schoolers and regained energy. We started off on the road again, still shivering. We made it to Hinckly where we planning on stopping for some warmth at Tobies and maybe a quick bite to eat. Unfortunately, before we made it to the restaurant I accidentally hit a pot hole in the road that stopped the hike and we hit the pavement. After walking it off a few minutes and checking ourselves (elbow cut on Zach, knee cut on me) we headed over to Tobies. Zach had some eggs and I had some hot chocolate and a bagel. The waitress at Tobies was very kind and filled up out water bottles and struck up some conversation. Once our toes thawed we had a choice to make. We could either have gone 30 miles to the east to St. Croix State Park, or we could have gone 50 miles south to Wild River State Park. We decided to go to Wild River, because it was progress towards our eventual goal. We finally arrived at the State Park around 7:30 and it was just tarting to get dark. I set up the tent as Zach tried to start a fire. Unfortunately, all the wood around was alive or wet and we got nothing big started. So, we were sitting making some rice and attempting to make a fire, shivering the whole time. Fortunately, we saw a guy at the State Park that was willing to give us some dry oak. We got a decent fire going and finished our rice. At this point, it started to rain. It was about 10:00. So, we got everything in the tent and climbed in ourselves to sleep. Unfortunately, we had a tent on our hands that is not even close to water proof. I fell asleep, but Zach woke me up at 12:00 and we were both spaced down to the bone and sleeping in an inch of water. Zach had rain gear on but I was in a thin shirt and pants and was nearly hypothermic. So, in stead of sitting out there and freeze to death, literally, we called my budding Ryan whose was amazingly still awake who lives in north branch. He came to pick us up and we though everything in his car and now we are sitting on his coach with a comforter watching “Catch the Grindo”. Neither Zach or I ate tired and I couldn’t be more thankful of Ryan’s hospitality. Tomorrow we will see how the weather turns out and we might be able to bike down to my sister’s or end up working out another arrangement. Also, to top it off, I spilled the first batch of rice and Zach lost a contact. But, on the bright side, we biked 110 miles! Yay.


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