Our Second Day: Better or Worse?

So, our second day… We got up at about 9:00 and we made pancakes for breakfast. That took a while with talking and eating, and then we had to wash and dry our clothes. That took a while as well. Then we drove to the grocery store and got more trail mix and once we got home we blow dried our bike seats and shoes. We finally got out of Ryan’s at 3:00, which was about a hour later than we would have hoped. But, we started of cruising! Our first 40 min we went 15 miles which is averaging over 20 miles an hour! But, the reason we stopped after 40 min was a flat tire. It was the first one I had changed, and it was the back wheel so it was quite a process. Finally we got the wheel back on and we discovered that the derailleur was stripped from the frame of the bike. We tried getting it back in but we could only get it half way. So after about 45 min of trying we decided to just ride with it half way in our frame. Luckily about a mile down the road there was a bike shop so we stopped in and for 10 bucks they re-grooved it and put the derailleur back in place. Now we are on our way! We started off cruising again, knowing that we didn’t have too long until it started getting dark and we still had 30 miles left. After a few miles when we were becoming confident that we would have to bike in the dark for some time, our headlight on the front of our bike fell of and broke to pieces. So, we started peddling faster, racing the sun. Then, of course, our back tire deflated enough where it was not able to be ridden on. I still don’t think it was another flat, because it held air decently. So, we thought we could just pump some air into it and be on our way. But, of course, our pump became faulty and wouldn’t pump air into the tire faster than it let all the air out again. So about 45 min, yeah, 45 min later, we got enough air into it where we thought we could ride. It wasn’t full enough, but we knew that we needed to get going. So, we set off doing our best to make it the smoothest ride possible for that back tire. Hint: pot holes become a lot harder to see at night. Eventually at about 8:30 we were walking into my sisters house. We got changed and headed over to her significant other’s place, Kyle’s. there we were blessed with a plethora of pizza and the NCAA Championships.

In the end, we both learned that perseverance is key. And that macaroni and cheese pizza is delicious.

P.S. Total mileage of our day was 50 and we averaged 20+ miles an hour.


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