The YMCA Update

Yesterday Zach and I met with the YMCA a second time to see how we could move forward with our trip. They were great listeners about our trip down to the cities and were happy that we got back safely. We reported back to them about how we got along and what things we will need to learn and get before our longer trip in June. We are working with some great people from the YMCA. Jeremy is working on our budget, Angel is working with Zach and I with other sponsorships and support from the cycling community, Mollie is working with us on marketing, Dudley is willing to make a Y story about us and go out on some rides, and Emily is my overall helper who is also a great supervisor down at the Y. With all this support and help it will make this trip so much more rewarding and fun. I couldn’t express our thanks more to the Duluth Family YMCA and I hope our trip can influence people with the values of the YMCA. As far as our trip is concerned, our maps are on the way! Stay healthy, and don’t be afraid to do a push up.


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