Our Maps are Here!

Our maps have arrived! I spent time looking them over tonight and it was roughly 3955 miles round trip. So, from now on we will just round up to 4 grand. It will be quite the trek, but we are so ready to do it. This weekend is supposed to get up to the 60s and sunny and I am hoping that all this snow will get out of here. If so, Zach and I will be hitting the streets on our stylish tandem. I will also be starting to bike down to school and back once the weather starts improving and we will be planning some rides with the community in the future. As far as the YMCA, over the next couple days Zach and I are going in to meet with them one by one so we can develop different sections of our planning. Don’t worry, I will keep you updated. I hope that everyone reading this is enjoying the warm weather that’s arriving and that you are making every second count. And for all you people that like to be motivated, I am now wearing a bracelet that has inscribed on it “stop at nothing” and I encourage you to do the same. Zach and I will stop. at. nothing. Stay healthy and take a good look at these beautiful maps!



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