Enjoying Spring, Finally

Spring is finally upon us! Yesterday and today we, Duluth, have been blessed with some warm weather! Yesterday it got up to about 55 degrees and today it is in the middle 60s. In other words, it is perfect biking time! Yesterday Zach and I took “Cilantro” out for a 30 miler where we averaged a little above 18 miles an hour. We started up in Piedmont and made our way down to the Munger Trail which, unfortunately, is still fairly snow covered. So, we continued onto Gary to Zach’s house and then we spun around and went home. It took us about 1:40 and we felt pretty good. Today, Zach is working so I went out at about 2:00 for a wonderful bike ride on my dad’s nice Cannondale. It was a 27 mile ride heading over on Hermantown Road and connecting with Solway Rd. No traffic whatsoever and a beautiful afternoon to enjoy. I took that out to Pike Lake and around and headed back to my house. I averaged about 19 miles an hour and it took me a little under an hour and a half. I encourage all of you to get out for a little while during these nice few days that we have, because you never know how much snow we will be getting next week. Have a great weekend and stay healthy.

P.S. If you ever want to join up and bike a few miles together, do not hesitate to shoot an email our way. We are beyond excited to start meeting and getting to know some of the biking community so let us know! Thanks!


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