A Slow Start to Spring

Unfortunately, the glimpses of spring that Duluth, Minnesota was blessed with a week ago did not stick around for very long. We saw some snow and other cold precipitation these last couple days and tomorrow doesn’t exactly look much better. Zach and I are getting a little wound up watching the snow coming down and we are desperate to get out for some rides. Hopefully, next week we can start religiously going on rides, getting in miles every day. Our official date of departure is the 17th of June, the same day that hundreds of kids will be signing up for different programs down at park point. We are hoping to have a cool send off and try to get the kids involved. The hard part of leaving later is our average. Leaving on the 17th gives us 46 days to do our whole trip, which, with out new estimated mileage, would be about 80 miles a day. But, once we take into consideration maybe one rest day a week (4 in total), and four 30 mile days to account for the mountains, we will need to be averaging close to 95 miles a day. Phew, it is getting to be a mouthful, but we need to keep in mind that we need to average 94. That means some days could be less and some more and if we peddle out more than 30 miles on a climb day, then all of that would out us ahead. Who knows, maybe we don’t even need a rest day. The bottom line is that we need to get some training in. We have about a month to prepare before hand and I’m pretty confident that if we aren’t fully in shape by the time we leave, it won’t be long into our trip until we will be. If the weather improves enough, Zach and I will be riding with Cody Johnson and Kai Larson on Sunday.

I am also conjuring the idea that every single person that we meet on our trip, or leading up to it, we will snap a photo of them (with their permission of course) and post it on this blog. I think it would be a great way to see the many faces of the communities that we travel to. Remember, do not let weather deter you from exercising. If it is snowing out, shovel. If it is raining out, splash in some puddles. NOTE: Humans are waterproof for a reason.


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