The Bayfield Adventure.

So, my apologies for the lack of posting. My school is coming to an end and I’m quite busy dotting the “I”s. the biggest update I have for you is that I did another mock trip this weekend! Unfortunately Zach was working and we couldn’t take the tandem anyway because it was in the shop, so I went with Cody Johnson, a friend from Marshall.

We both decided to do a fun Memorial Weekend ride and Bayfield, 90 miles into Wisconsin, was a good choice. We had a really tough head wind most of the way so our average wasn’t that great and it was fairly cold, but we still made it! Tomorrow we will be heading back to Duluth to get a nice 180 mile round trip. Keep in mind, that 90 miles a day is really really close to what Zach and I will need to average and these longer rides that I’m going on is just making me feel more confident.

Wish us luck with our tail wind on the way home and I will do my best to write about some fun adventures when I get back.




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