The Return: Bayfield Edition

We made it! Cody and I cruised into Duluth a couple of hours ago. ”twas a little bit of a struggle bounding up lake ave. after 89 miles, but we did it! And after our second day, this one being 95 miles, I feel good! Two days in a row above 90 miles is exactly what we will need to do on our trip. Some negatives to this point would be that in stead of two days, it will be 38 days. But on the positive side, the tandem averages a lot better, there will be warmer weather, and our legs will look awesome. I am still tossing around my thoughts regarding food on our trip. I think I might go the route of packing rice, or beans, and then when Zach and I know that we will be stopping soon we can load up on veggies and fruit to throw in there. I also had the grand idea of eating steak not hamburgers! Obviously you can’t carry meat for very long, because weird stuff will happen, but if we are in a town and all set up at camp. We could bike the couple minutes back into town and buy a steak or two and go back to our camp to cook them. If it was a little longer distance to the camp, we could get one of those crack freeze packs to put on the meet to keep it cool . So, even though I’m obviously flourishing with brilliant food ideas, we would love to hear suggestions. Food, at this point, is our largest concern.

But enough about food and stuff, back to the Bayfield trip! It was really fun, great weather and great people. Total mileage was about 187.5. The last thing I have for you tonight apart from some pictures is a list of tips that we came up with on this adventure.

1. “If there is one, there is two.” (Very applicable to ticks)
2. Drink a lot of water. Your body is made out of it.
3. Eating “Little Debbie’s” before climbing Duluth is not a good idea, ask Cody.
4. Never ever fart in the tent.
5. Gravel will never be your friend.
6. And if you remember one thing and one thing only, never go to, through, in, aside, around, on, below, or near Superior, Wisconsin.

Here’s some photos:





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