24 hours

Hello guys! We are on the final stretch (to begin a very long stretch) and our list of things to do is shrinking down! The last couple weeks have been slightly rushed with traveling, graduation, packing and other duties of the overly-stressed teenager. From now on though, we will be attempting to get a blog post and maybe some pictures up every day. If you have not heard already, our send off celebration will be down at the Duluth beach house tomorrow morning at 9:00. I hope to see all of you there! As far as what we need to finish, it is wrapping up loose ends as far as bike locks, water bottles, and mirrors as well as getting our first wave of food. Other than that we are trying not to sit whenever we can, knowing that we will be spending the next month and a half on a bike seat. As far as the campaign for strong kids, I hope that you are getting out and telling people about the awesome things it does and how many children it helps to get out and exercise. As far as yourself, the weather is finally nice, embrace it, utilize it, exercise in it. Oh, and have fun,


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