Day one: We are off!

Hello all! We have set up camp after a busy morning and a long day of biking. We started out at park point and ended about 10 miles out of clam lake. Overall we biked 101 miles, above average. Tomorrow we will be headed out earlier than today, trying to get in the road by 7 or before. As far as our actual ride, it was decent. I had some tuna for lunch that made me feel a little sick, but I made it through. I also am breaking my new seat in a little bit so my behind is slightly numb and sore at the moment, but its not like I wasn’t expecting that. I think the most positive part of our day was the end to it. We were getting close to clam lake and we were trying to decide to see if we could ask someone to see if they would be willing to let us camp in the corner if their yard. Our result was unbelievable. We asked a lovely lady by the name of Jeanie if she would be willing to let us camp out, and she offered her gazebo to us to stay in for the night. We could not be more thankful.

Here are some pictures:
Zach and I getting some food in the morning.


This is a picture of the wonderful hospitality that was given to us.


This is Zach enjoying this hospitality:


I also wanted to give a shout to Jeanie by posting her business card and the URL to her soon-to-be website.




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