YMCA in Escanaba

Sorry about no posting last night! I have come to the realization that I need to start posting during the day, because if I wait until we have everything ready for the night, I just pass out. So, yesterday was awesome, we stayed at a community center which was equipped with bathrooms and a kitchen and we also got a bike fixed up! (I forgot to thank George for letting us camp in his yard the night before) Anyway, it was about a 110 mile day but we did a little biking around a couple towns and stuff so more like 100 of actual progression. Today, we woke up a little late, at 7:30, and started cruising towards the YMCA in Escanaba who was gracious enough to give us a pizza, which is gone right now. The other little detail we realized was that there was a time change mid-ride so that cut down our time to get to Escanaba even more. But, after cruising for more than three hours we zoomed into the YMCA at 2:00 (1:00 central time) averaging for 66 miles, about 18.5 miles an hour. In Petosky, Michigan is another YMCA that will host us for a night. The YMCA is about 200 miles away, a perfect two-day ride, so in stead of pushing it more today I think we will just kick it in Escanaba.

***Just a random thought about our ride, yesterday we were biking and saw a deer running along side of us on the road and it ran with us for about a half mile and we clocked it at 27 or 28 miles an hour.

Zach’s celebratory phase after confirming a stay at a community center.


Anyway, I might take some pictures when we go down to say hi to the YMCA kids at camp and throw together another post, but until then, stay healthy!


2 thoughts on “YMCA in Escanaba

  1. Hi Zach & Parker this is a message from the Y in Esacanaba! Good luck with the rest of your journey can’t wait to hear all about it on your way back.

  2. What’s this I hear you ran into the Kampers in the middle of no where, UP! No mention of this?!?! 😉

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