The Lower Peninsula

Hello everyone, my apologies again for the gap in posts. I have been busy biking and organizing some more nights and plans with YMCAs and such. But, I have time now to update all you curious folk. We are currently lounging in Petosky, MI where the YMCA and its friends let us stay the night. You will see pictures in a second, but there was a wonderful dinner and rooms for both Zach and I and a breakfast on the way tomorrow morning. As far as our rides the last couple days, we stayed in Gould City last night in a gentleman’s cabin after a day of bike-fixing and downpours. After hanging up all our stuff and drying it out, we set off this morning to finally achieve a 115 mile day today into Petosky. Some of the scenery was the best so far this trip, on old county roads overlooking and winding by the shore of Lake Michigan. Even Zach’s artsy side came out when he was try to take multiple pictures of the stunning views. The last two cities that we went through, Harbor Springs and Petosky were two of the most beautiful towns ever. All the houses were fabulous and the lake was crystal clear and it honestly looked like a Northern United States paradise. Other than that, we will have a little bit if a shorter day tomorrow, because we already have a person that we can stay with, but it will be about 60 miles down to the eastern side of Torch Lake.
Which, I’ll have you know, is one of the two most gorgeous lakes in the world. So, we will have time to sleep in tomorrow and savor the wonderful hospitality given to us by this city and then we will be on our way to more interesting experiences. If any of you ready this and have any questions about our trip so far or anything, feel free to comment your question and I’ll address it in my next post. I’m sure I’m forgetting to tell you something. Anyway, remember to spread the word about what we are doing ***youth development, healthy living, social responsibility*** and let’s work together to get you, all the youth, and everyone else out to exercise and expand their enjoyment in life. Have a great day/night and I’ll talk to you soon.

P.S. If Zach and I can bike through 6.5 hours of pouring rain and semis splashing us with mud, you can get 30+ min of exercise. Now no more excuses and go for a run tomorrow. Stay healthy!

Now for some pictures:

Here us a view of a section of trail from Zach’s eyes:


This was a section of road that could have been a desktop background to a PC. The picture doesn’t do it justice.


This was the truck that took us and our bike access the bridge. It barely fit.


This was some of the dinner that our lovely hosts made for us:


And this is a picture of Zach and I with our new group of friends. Thank you so much for everything, and we will see you guys on the way back 😉



5 thoughts on “The Lower Peninsula

  1. I’m totally inspired! Great words and pictures, from great guys! Keep up the positive attitudes guys!! Awesome ! I’m so proud of you!

  2. It is so cool to see your progress toward your goal. It looks like you are having a great experience and all of the folks that you are meeting along the way must be motivated by you too. Keep up the great work. Onward Ho men!

  3. What a great looking meal! I’m glad you guys are eating well and meeting kind hearted people. You continue to inspire many!!! AJ

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