Not Quite to Luther

15 miles away! So close, but so far away. If you didn’t catch it earlier, Luther is where we switch maps and start heading east again into Canada and so forth. It was our goal today, but we came a little bit short with a 95 mile day to Garlets Corner. This would be a town composed of, well nothing, except I guess of a little campsite that we chose to camp at. Things got a little spooky the last 10 miles of today, because we saw a zombie woman walk out if the woods in the middle if nowhere and then we crossed a heard of turkeys and then bats were flying all around us. AND, to end it all we were told that there was a 500+ pound bear wondering around our campsite. So, hopefully we will be connecting with you guys yet again tomorrow. The highlight of my day today, apart from the scorching heat and hills, was this really really really fluffy dog I was able to pet outside a grocery store. Honestly the fluffiest thing ever, which, if you knew my text notification would come off slightly ironic. As far as tomorrow is concerned we would like to make it to Bay City, but it might be a little bit of a stretch. We have a trailer for the bike waiting for us at a bike shop there. If we don’t make it though, no worries, we can just pick up the trailer Wednesday morning and then into Canada we go. As far as our bodies, our muscles are getting bigger, along with our tan lines and our butts are incredibly soar like you couldn’t even imagine. But, other than that, not much new has happened. We feel fairly cut off so feel free to comment an update about what’s going on in your life, I don’t want to do all the talking. For example, “it’s still winter in Duluth” or “there is another flood, even though we live on a tiny mountain.” Anyway, stay healthy and go on a run with your kid. Or your parents. Whichever makes more sense.

Not many pictures today apart from that fluffy fluffy dog! Again, the photo just does not do this big fella justice.



7 thoughts on “Not Quite to Luther

  1. Beautiful day here in Duluth too. Glad all of us have good weather. With a 95 mile day it sounds like you are keeping a really good pace.

  2. Well, great post! Love catching up on your journey! Sorry guys, I think u missed summer in Duluth… I think it was today. šŸ˜‰ ummm, afa the fluffy dog….it looks as tho u may have missed the circus in town too? There is quite the circus tent in the background behind fluffy head!! ?? Anyway…day 8 and u guyz are strong fellas!! Stronger than I think u knew!! What a fantastic adventure and experience! I’m so proud of u for steppin out to do it!! What super encouraging words too!! Keep it up!! Can’t tell ya how proud!! Be good!!

  3. HOPE YOU GUYS ARE KEEPING SAFE. watching YOUR PROGRESS. Things are good here, Zach. Dylan leaves on the 9th. Sure gonna miss him!

  4. I am so amazed the milage you are keeping up with each day…yes, it makes me shut my mouth when I feel like complaining during my 30 minute work out!!! You ARE my inspiration:) Our yard is wet, the bugs are many, the humidity is high, BUT my flowers are blooming like crazy and I am so grateful for the sun and breeze. The only reason MY body is sore is because I built a rock wall at the cabin by hand! Yes, dug out every boulder and made and awesome wall that I planted flowers in. Hope to go fishing this weekend. I will save you a meal and make you the best fish ttacos you

  5. The best fish tacos you ever had! Stay strong….Philiipians 4:13 I can do everything through Him who gives me strength! Your posts have been so fun to look forward to every day. Thank you!

  6. Parkypoo, Aaron and I are proud of you for being so buff and tough and such a huge man. If you ever get a second, you should call one of us so we can hear your tough manly voice and catch up on your trip. Good luck and stay safe brotha.

    Sam & Aaron

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