Torch Lake

No post again last night! I’m sorry, the house that hosted us didn’t have great cell reception. We are now 15 miles into our next day. We are going to try to get down towards Luther, MI. It is the city where we take a sharp turn and start heading east again towards Canada. The weather has been great, but extremely hot. It is most likely about 90 degrees and sunny here with little breeze. Not only that but it appears to us that we have hit the mountains early because these counter roads in lower Michigan are fairly equivalent. So, yesterday was just over sixty miles, but we were just about to keel over and today we want to push 100 miles again. Torch lake was beautiful, with very very very nice houses along the shore. The funny thing is, is that apparently the people that own these castles only live in them for about 1 week out of the year. As far as the family that we stayed with last night, they were absolutely wonderful, providing us with burgers and salad, along with fruit and yogurt this morning. It feels so great to have the support and kindness that all these different people along the way are giving us. They also had a beautiful dog named Jasper who they took in a few Christmases ago, because he was starving outside. (Doesn’t sound too much different than what they did for us) but anyway, great family to get to know and I hope we can pass by them on the way back! Well, Zach is pestering me to get going so ill get back on the bike, have an awesome day and stay healthy.

Here is a quick picture of Jasper!



4 thoughts on “Torch Lake

  1. It is great that you have had such wonderful people to stay with. Great jobs guys!!! Gooooooo Bike Potatoes!!!!!! Ajoan

  2. You guys are doing awesome! Sounds like you have met some amazing people already…keep up the great work and positivity! BTW – Endurolytes….they help so much in hot weather.

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