The day of bicyclists

So, this will be a quick one because we’re waking up early tomorrow, but we made another 97 mile day! Woot woot. It was a good one, with a late start this morning because of rain. We are now currently outside of Clare, MI where a lovey young woman let us stay in her yard. Tomorrow we need to pick up that trailer and onward we go. We saw for tour bike groups today. One was a group of ladies, the next was a family, then just a guy, then a couple on another tandem! Sorry for the short update, but I’m getting to bed. Stay healthy.

Another tandem! Same company and everything!


Some road pictures:




Some sky pictures:



And a quick up-to-date look of my tan line.



11 thoughts on “The day of bicyclists

  1. Wow! You guys are rocking it! So impressed/so inspired! I love sharing your story! Will share with 600 campers this summer!!

  2. You sure are consistent on your daily mileage. Even getting a late start you did close to 100 miles. That is quite impressive. Tell more about the trailer and what you plan to do with it. Beautiful day here in Duluth. Could summer be here? Happy pedaling. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hello from Colorado! We have been following you two diligently since your first blog. We’re so proud of you both and know that this is a character building experience. Tomorrow I will post your address on the Tony Robbins Power Team Facebook page. Happy trails! Aunt Marge and Uncle John

  4. Great job guys! You are great role models to us all!!! Thank you for sharing some of the beautiful scenery with us. Goooooooo BikePotatoes!!!!!

  5. love the pictures. makayla doesn’t like zombie stories. how are you in relation to your planned pace? love the stories and enjoy the daily updates. keep pedalling boys!

  6. Nice work guys! Keep the updates and photo’s coming. I will be sending info. on a couple more Y’s that want to help out once you get to New York. You guys are and inspiration to everyone!

  7. Nice to know you’re not alone out there. Get some rest when you can and stay safe. we are at carlys orientation today. …yikes!!!! 🙂 take care and happy peddling

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