Hello ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s show will be brought to you by Parker Adams, yet again, because Zach is sleeping next to me… But don’t worry because there is almost nothing to update you about! We traveled out of bay city about twenty-five miles and plunked down in a kind person’s yard yet again and our total day was about 85. Mine on other hand was closer to 100 because I had to go back and look for a shoe that had dropped and then make a grocery run. I found, especially in the grocery store, that I find myself needing to explain why I look horrible. So everyone that looked at me funny proceeded to listen to me talk about my tour and how, if at all possibly, I will shower every day. All is going well and tomorrow we hope to cross into CANADA! Other than that, I think that’s all! Have a wonderful night and don’t add salt to your next meal. It most
likely doesn’t need it.

A beautiful, scrumptious sandwich for lunch:


AND our tandem’s second house:



3 thoughts on “Scrumptious

  1. Another good day! It is amazing how random people just take you in of allow you to stay in their yards. Do you either of you speak Canadian? Stay strong.

  2. You continue to be inspiring! Thanks, for the stories….and of course the photos….it’s nice to see snippets of what you are seeing and doing. Keep it up!

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