The Bike Trailer

I have gotten a few questions regarding the trailer that we just picked up a few hours ago in bay city. I’ll give you a more detailed reason why. Our front and back wheel are the same age. Same spoke age and everything. Usually the back wheel breaks spokes because it has all the weight on it, but the spokes on our front wheel started to break. So, we ended up getting a whole new front wheel. Actually, when we bought our front wheel and the old one was just lying on the ground, yet another spoke on it broke. This suggests that the spokes are just very old and when you break one, you will break all. So, after the front wheel broke we felt like the back wheel was just a ticking time bomb. Unfortunately, you can’t just buy a back wheel like the front one, especially a tandem because for just a hub alone for a tandem back wheel is around 500 dollars. Just for the hub. So, what we did in stead, was get a “bob” trailer. It clips onto the bike from behind and you pull your weight in stead of carry it. We have ridden around with it for a little while and apart from needing a “makes wide turns” sign behind us, it doesn’t seem too bad. And that my friends is why we got a trailer.

Here’s a picture:



One thought on “The Bike Trailer

  1. Fantastic idea for the trailer! Thanks for clarifying for all our inquiring minds! I see sunshine in most pics and smiling faces…I hope that is how u feel on the inside too guys! You really are spreading positive inspiration! Whew!! Great character too! Ohhh, I pray for u guys and your safety! Continue to enjoy the adventure! I see teeny army worms …only a few at home here …have u seen many on your travels??

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