What. A. Day.

So, we got up at 6:30 in the morning to get a nice long ride in today. We started off going really slowly, averaging about 11 miles an hour. We were getting kind of frustrated, but we thought it was hauling the new trailer. We thought this until we got on a hillier part and cruised for about twenty at 17 miles an hour. This didn’t really make sense to me so I checked the brakes and the. Ones on the back wheel were rubbing and slowing us down. We got it straightened out and started to cruise at a normal pace. Lunch was great, because I bought these delicious strawberries that hit the spot after a long morning ride. Then the fun started. After about 45 miles it started to drizzle and we waterproofed all our stuff. It got heavier and heavier until we were riding through a complete downpour. At least it was toasty out. Then we stopped at a gas station at the 65 mile mark and had a wonderful conversation with some woman working inside that were intrigued about our journey, and a not for them: no, we did not get struck by lightning. We got going again after 65 miles Andrade through thick thunderstorms until the 95 mile mark when we arrived in Marysville. Then we cruised on, through a lighter rain for about 20 more miles to get to a ferry in Marine City that brought us into CANADA! Yay! And on the ferry we met a lovely Canadian couple that wanted to take us in for the night. They lived five miles away from the ferry on the other side so that adds up to a 120 mile day and we were presented with showers, two beds, burgers, hot tub. Washer and dryer, and breakfast tomorrow morning. Not exactly a bad start to our Canadian experience. It is so fun to be able to have all these gracious people support us and the support makes the miles go by faster. Tomorrow, even thought it is hard to leave paradise, will be another long day. Not sure how my Canadian data package will work out so hopefully I can post again! Thank you to everyone that is spreading the word about us, the more people you tell the better. Get out to exercise and toss some pocket change to the strong kids foundation to help the kids get out too!

I do have some pictures, but my connection is not good enough for them to load. So, I guess you will just have to visualize juicy burgers and two bikers that look like they just jumped in a lake. Speaking of which, go to a lake. Swim. Run around it. Exercise. Is. Fun. If you live in Minnesota you have like 9,999 to utilize, because everyone knows Lake Superior is too cold to do anything useful in it 🙂

I’m tired and going to bed now. Until next time my fellow addicts to outdoor adventures.


3 thoughts on “What. A. Day.

  1. I love reading these posts. You guys sound like you are having a blast. Congrats on the 120 mile day! Wow!!!! That’s like biking to me in Grand Marais from Duluth in one day… maybe you should end your trip here.. hehe

  2. I am glad you are finding good people along the way. You guys must be made of steel! You are inspiring me – yesterday I put my pedometer on and logged 13,220 steps! Don’t think today will beat that, as I am sitting here playing Prolific and reading your blog! You will never forget this journey I’m sure (it’s one for your grandchildren!)

  3. A nice job guys. It does sound like an experience. As for local news. Kate and i took out the new sailboat twice this week. The first time was very light winds and the second it ver strong winds. Kate got a facial burn/ bruise from hitting the mast cable when I fell overboard when the boat accelerated in a gust and then markedly decelerated dragging me behind. Got back relatively in one piece and only one new ding in the gelcoat.

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