Crash Landing

Today was a sad day. We got a late start from Port Stanley, because our front tire got flat over night. About 15 miles into our day, we were going down a large hill, when a car, most likely traveling at about 25-30 miles an hour, hit us from the side when we were making a left hand turn. We both flew off the bike, I was actually hit by the car and landed on the pavement. Zach got up and was able to walk around, just twisting his leg a little. I had to stay on the ground because the people on the scene thought I hurt my neck and spine. After minutes if pain, I was put into an ambulance and brought to the nearest hospital. I had x-rays take of my knee, spine, and left shoulder. After reviewing them, the doctor concluded that I had separated my shoulder. My clavicle, when you look in a mirror (or an x-ray) is sticking up against my skin, disconnected from my scapula. I cannot bike, or swim anytime soon and as far as the bike, it’s not rideable. I am incredibly disappointed about the extreme halt this was in such an amazing adventure which is why I have told Zach that we are not about to stop. We are planning on continuing the trip, finding rides we can, or taking buses, and trying to make our way to Maine and back. We can still go see the YMCAs and see their camp kids and stress how important exercise is in all of our lives. A lovely family opened up their home to me and Zach for a couple days so we can get our bearings and then we will try to move on. I feel so bad that I have to tell you guys that our bike trip is done, but I am pleased to remind you that I need to be back in Duluth August first, and until we state otherwise, the adventures don’t stop until then. I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day and this would be a great time for me to stress the importance of helmets. Also, if you have any questions whatsoever about anything, please email me them at I will do my best to answer them as soon as possible.

Here are some pictures.

Me in the ambulance. They key to feeling better is a smile.



Here is a picture of the x-ray of my separated shoulder. It looks way scarier in person.



9 thoughts on “Crash Landing

  1. que pena parker por lo del accidente y truncar la aventura que ya estaba siendo excitante. pero lo mejor es que aun tienes animo se seguir adelante y si no afecta tu salud pues continua. pero creo lo que tienes en el hombro es serio y pues creo lo que necesitas es reposo para recuperarte completamente. de cualquier manera sigue las instrucciones de los medicos. suerte!!!!

  2. Wow,so very disappointed for you guys because I was so proud and impressed with your ride.Remember that even with the bad luck you guys are so blessed that one or both weren’t killed,so live on with your head up and know many people were impressed with your journey and have no dought that you would have riden to the end if not for this terrible accident. Sachs ,uncle Mike

  3. Praying for my poor bike friends!! If you need anything when passing through Michigan don’t hesitate to ask!!

  4. You guys are two of the strongest men I know. You’ve made it so far and have made all of us here in Duluth very proud. It’s amazing how determined both of you are to get to Maine and back. Parker, have a quick recovery, and Zach, keep stayin strong. Congratulations on making it that far. Be safe, and Travel on my friends.

  5. I just cannot stop crying …Mikayla’s right. We are all so proud of you. Maine isn’t going anywhere…another time…I am curious about the guy who hit you. I bet he feels like crape. Stay strong

  6. Zach and Parker, you have touched people’s lives in ways that you don’t know yet and maybe never will. I appreciate the strength the both of you have shown throughout. Press on men and accomplish what you have set out to do. Your achievement thus far is impressive.

  7. I am so sorry to hear of your accident. Be proud of what you have accomplished, you are strong determined young men. I wish you the best of luck in your next Journey. I hope you realize that you have touched so many people. You are an inspiration.

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