Port Stanley, Canada

So after another 100 miles, through the rain, from our wonderful hosts last night, we arrived at Port Stanley, a town of about two thousand where we were going to try to spend the night. After biking along the main strip we got off the Maine road and asked a house if we could use their lawn to set up our tent for the night. Upon asking, they were gracious enough to let us crash in some beds in the basement, use their washer and dryer, take warm showers and I think I heard something about some breakfast food. I cannot stress enough how good of a feeling it is to be welcomed in to different people’s homes right after meeting them. Day after day it shows the kindheartedness that our world still upholds. Anyway, the family yesterday was kind enough to give us a little money to spend on “a nice dinner.” So, Zach and I decided to take advantage of it and we went out to dinner tonight. The food was absolutely delicious and because of it, my eyes are getting heavy writing this. After dinner we also decided to stop by grandfathers pizza where the pizza was great and the waitresses were kind. Thank you so much for staying updated with our travels and I will update you more as we move through Canada. Our plan tomorrow is to solely put in about 100. Not really sure yet where that will take us, but hey, that’s half the fun right there. Take it easy, and don’t be afraid to be healthy.

Here are some pictures: (not many, because my phone isn’t waterproof)

Dinner last night:





2 thoughts on “Port Stanley, Canada

  1. Its great to see you are being fed well! Like manna falling from the sky!! I love your positive attitudes and appreciation of what you are experiencing. 😉 press on!

  2. Treated like royalty. Impressive. You guys sure are having some great experiences. Inspirational in so many ways.

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