“The morning after”

So I just got up. As far as I can tell another car hit me overnight because I ache and hurt all over. I had to go to the bathroom, but if I hadn’t, I don’t think I would have moved all day. I have not talked to Zach yet, but i overheard him saying how he could have biked today. I’m still pondering how to go about the rest of the trip. Not really looking forward to hitch hiking. If we can find busses that travel there, I would be up for that. Otherwise maybe we could head for home somehow and stop at those YMCAs for a second time. If you have any ideas don’t be afraid to share and of any of you younger folk are bored and want a fun road trip with us, you know my number. Other than that ill stay an Advil drug addict today and try and feel better as best as possible. I hope your mornings were wonderful, and I hope they stay that way.

Only if you’re curious:



4 thoughts on ““The morning after”

  1. Parker – so glad you were not more seriously hurt! We have been reading your daily logs and enjoying the trip vicariously. Hopefully something will work out as you want it too, now that biking is out of the question for a while. Stay positive – and safe. Love you. Uncle Don and Aunt Nancy

  2. Aww:( so sorry about the bad luck! Aiden & I read the blog every day, so cool & what an amazing experience. Hope you are feeling better soon & good luck the rest of the trip, whatever you decide!

  3. Hi,
    It’s cool that you guys are doing this I just read about it today.
    quick question.
    Will you need surgery? same thing happened to me when i fell snowboarding. they had to wire my clavicle to my shoulder.. jw

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