Make Use of What You Got: Our New Plan

We are not done yet. We are still staying in Port Bruce, Ontario, with a lovely family. My mother is currently finishing a few things in Duluth and then she will head out in the Prius to Port Bruce. She will arrive on Thursday, and pick us, and the bike up, and keep going to Buffalo. There, we will visit the YMCAs, do day trips throughout New York with my mom, and have some fun sharing our story. The following Tuesday, my mother will be on a plane back to Duluth and we will have the Prius with a bent-out-of-shape tandem on the top of it. From there we will continue on the same route that we would have biked, stopping at YMCAs and continuing our adventures. We weren’t really looking forward to driving a car to the YMCAs and trying to promote exercise so we will be looking into a lot of hiking. We will try to find the largest mountain or hill in each state and hike up, taking some wonderful pictures as we go. This way we can stress the importance of exercise, and the ability to reshape your life (healthily) around the unfortunate things that take place. So, this blog will not be shutting down, and our message has not ended. If you wish, you can just imagine that “b” in bike potatoes has been transformed to an “h” for hike potatoes. But, it was never really about the “bike” in the first place, it was about the meaning behind it. So, stop waisting any time and burn some calories before those hot dogs on the fourth. As far as any Canadians reading this blog, you’re out if luck, because Canada Day is today, so you can exercise tomorrow. I have had a few people attempt to give us money for our future progress and what would mean the most is just putting that money towards your local YMCA, or if not, there is always a donate button on our blog. As far as gas money, we will be driving a Prius. Stay safe, and give a stranger a smile.

Here are some pictures of the bike:






13 thoughts on “Make Use of What You Got: Our New Plan

  1. Awwwww 😦 the bike…so sad. But so great to hear the new plan guys! I love love love the idea of the hiking! Perhaps u could do some geocaching on the way and promote the “Hike potatoes” and the YMCA though geocaches too! Zachary is great “NIGHT time” geocacher as he lead his family through the dark woods one night only to find the cache WAS really missing!

  2. Stilk wonderful opportunities await for you. . Keep up the positive attitudes. Enjoy your newest journey. can’t wait to see the pictures. Take care.

  3. Hi Guys, Jeanne Ryan from Mix 108, so sorry to hear about your accident. Glad you guys are moving forward with your plan to still go to Maine and back. Both of you are great role models
    for all the kids in the area. Best of luck!

  4. Hi Zach and Parker,
    Just wanted you to know we are thinking about you and hoping you are on the mend Parker. I think your attitudes and approach to this accident are fantastic! Many might have called it a show-stopper.. SO, forge on HIKE POTATOES!!
    Love, Aunt P.

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  6. First off, so glad you both are safe! My second thought is, why not call ahead to organize a hike for any comers to the local Y you’ll be visiting next in your travels. You just might find that you have more and more and more company as you work your way east. Still sorry you are not coming through Cleveland ;(

  7. Love the new plan, the new name hikepotatoes, and the way you are pressing on toward your goal with an amazing attitude. Making the best of life’s experiences is what its all about. You are both amazing. Love you, Zach! Praying for fast healing, Parker!

  8. I am overjoyed at your new plan. The photos of your bike made me realize you could have gotten much more seriously injured so I am thankful you will soon be on the mend. Parker you are pretty lucky to have a mom like yours…the dream lives on Hikepotatoes! May the Force be with you 🙂

  9. Hi boys: I heard about your accident, I’m the guy from Bay City MI that you passed 5 times in about 4 hours in central MI. I did 350 miles in 4 days of riding. (i had the trailer). I talked to the guys at Jacks bicycle shop where you picked up your trailer. They told me about you wreck. I hope everything is healing well. Looked like a real mess. Good luck on your recovery. I’ve been there. Broke my collar bone in 4 places skiing a couple of years ago. (screwed up my shoulder also). But I have healed up just fine. Hit a tree on snowmobile a year before that. Broke ribs in 3 different places around torso, healed up just fine. Real good idea to keep active. Helps the healing process. Jim Brunette. P.S. Gonna do Seattle to Bay City MI. next spring. Maybe I’ll run into you again on the road somewhere.

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