Canadians Versus Minnesotans

The million dollar match up. The “Minnesota Nice” against the oh so famous “Hospitable and Polite Canadians”. Who wins? I’ll let you decide.

The back up for the Canadian team is as follows: We have been in Canada for 7 days, tomorrow being our 8th. We have had no previous stops planned in Canada and literally have been living off of people’s generosity. We have stayed inside 5 different people’s homes, all strangers when we met, and we have not paid for one meal. We have had warm showers given to us, along with washers and dryers, laughs, and many smiles. We have also been driven around, taken out to the movies, out to dinner, and we have had some books boughten for us. Zach and I did not ask for any of this, it was solely the kindness of the general public. The only bad thing I have to say about Canada, and I mean only thing, is that a car hit us here. But, the blame shouldn’t even be put on the guy, because it was such a mutual accident, and plus, he was most likely American. All joking aside, Canada has shown us it’s better half, or whole I should say, and we couldn’t be more happy to be able to witness it.

Now to Minnesota, the classic nice guys. My best defense towards this team is as follows. My mother, family, friends, and supporters. Wow. How could we ever be stranded in Canada here today without you guys. I’m telling ya, the support that so many of you have offered, and the love and kindness from our friends and mine and Zach’s family is breathtaking. Just look at the comments to the previous posts. The encouragement, the pride, it is what drives us. Now to my mother, the woman to the rescue. Mary Adams, if you don’t already know is my mom, a picture comes later, and she is not only the most amazing woman on planet earth, but I could not be more proud to call her my mother. She loves me more than is imaginable, and every single person I talk to that has come in contact with her, says she is the most remarkable woman. She is on her way now, from her busy life in Duluth, to come and pick up Zach and I so we can continue on our journey. She dropped her plans, her wants, her needs, so that Zach and I can have an experience of a lifetime and pass on a message. Now if that isn’t something to applaud, I don’t know what is. I love you mom, and I’ll see you soon.

So now, I have given you my insight on the Canadian, and the Minnesotan and it is your job to decide which one wins. ***The winner gets bragging rights***
I want you to please comment your answer bellow or if you are too afraid of being recognized, make an internal vote. But here’s the trick, I can see how many people visit my blog, and I can see how many people comment, so the difference between the two is how many push ups all of you have to do during my next post.

Stay healthy, stay strong, stay safe, and have fun.

Here are some pictures to help you get up to date:

Zach decided to get a new outfit:


Zach, me, and Tom Faulds, the doctor that treated me after our crash.


Zach and I wearing wooden shoes!!!


Now take a peak at our diet!



br />

Now a quick couple from our first hike today! Not the craziest photos, but documentation is documentation!




A picture of my lovely mother (with my dog cocoa):


And finally just a picture of a really cute dog named Oliver. Enjoy, and don’t forget to vote!



9 thoughts on “Canadians Versus Minnesotans

  1. In true Canadian fashion, I’m going to vote for Minnesotans!
    You two make it easy to want to treat well;
    well mannered, well spoken, kind and considerate, and genuinely nice people.
    It was our pleasure having you two stay, and your welcome back at the Evans’ in London Ontario anytime.
    Just give us a heads up so that we might have a chance to stock up on high protein meatatarian meals for Zach, and Corrie can put chocolate in two banana breads, unless Parker is now anaphylactic to chocolate…….
    Cheers boys,
    The Evans’

  2. Both for sure…. being from Minnesota and having many relatives in Canada we are all great peeps
    and proud to help out others. Enjoy your next journey boys. And your mother is amazing Parker you are blessed.

  3. Speaking for both Joanna and myself, we both lived in the states for a few years, so it’s like a second home to us. We would have to say both!

  4. BOTH for sure! THANK YOU to all that helped Zack and Parker during a challenging time on their journey! All of your kindness and generosity has certainly been amazing! Yes, Zach and Parker are wonderful young men and they have had many wonderful people as role models along the way!
    Stay strong guys and gooooo HikePotatoes!!!!
    Love and Hugs,

  5. Wow, the stories you write about your hosts are jaw-dropping. Our Canadian neighbors have treated you so well. I really am impressed by their kindness. Canadians are top notch.

  6. Parker and Zach – We are totally impressed by how you two are keeping to your mission and by the outstanding people you are attracting into your life….. like attracts like. We are so proud of you two….and your creative focus on making your intentions work. Blessings from Colorado! Aunt Marge and Uncle John Fajardo

  7. Minnesotans!! Because, well… I’m from Minnesota and proud of it. Zach text me. Good luck
    – your favorite brother Ike

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