Couch Potatoes

‘Sup, it’s Zach. I figured it was time to make a post and I plan on writing a few more. First up, today was a bit of a deviation from our usual creed. With our lovely hosts tending to their jobs, we had the house to ourselves and spent most of this 80 degree and sunny day indoors, watching Netflix. We got up at about 9:00, with no complaints of pain coming from Parker (he’s recovering quite well and continues to increase the range of motion of his shoulder), and lazily slumped onto the couch and finished a full season of Dexter. All things aside, I did feel a bit guilty and did a few hundred push-ups and completed a quick abdominal workout, so I wasn’t a total sloth. [ You can still be active while watching TV or working on the computer. Exercise between every ten minutes or on commercial breaks and try to move around to get the blood movin’. ] Another bump in our hypothetical road was the food available to us. Though there was plenty of food lying around, one of our hosts is vegan and there we not many things in the fridge that I was overjoyed to try (no offense to those vegans out there, I like being an omnivore) though there were some excellent muffins on the table along with a sufficient selection of fruits and veggies. I did manage to make it through the day so it’s all good. In other news, Parker’s mom made it across the border. There was a nice reunion hug and now he has someone to spend time with, which leaves me without a buddy. Text me, Im lonely. To finish off the day, Parker’s mom treated us and our hosts to dinner at Earl’s, a restaurant known for fine food and fine waitresses (they were). After enjoying a wonderful meal, we sat at the house in the company of our hosts sipping tea and trading stories about the similarities and differences between the US and Canada. All in all, ’twas a day of rest and sitting, I’ll be sure to get in a few handstands before I go to bed. Oh, and now that we have a vehicle we will finally be able to continue our trip effective tomorrow. Spirits are high. The epics of the Hike Potatoes are soon in coming. Stay healthy, stay active!

P.S. You all have to do 80 push-ups because of the numer of comments we’ve received.





7 thoughts on “Couch Potatoes

  1. Ummm, hey, lonely…your auntie Joyce and I and Jill walked the golf course today in honor of u guys! Your father went fishing in a canoe today with his pals …then we walked around dt MPLs after the fireworks! Whew! Exhausted! Lol! Loved the post Zachary !!! Keep it up!!

  2. Do I hear a Willey Nelson themed song coming from Canada; “On the road again, just wait to get on the road again”. Let adventures continue.

  3. Hi Guys,
    It looks as though you are being “we’ll taken care of”………..!!! Thank you to Parker’s Mother for being there to help out!!!!! Glad to hear that Parker is not experiencing any pain. Zach I really liked your friendly reminder that you can exercise even when you are watching TV or being on the computer. Got up this AM before it got too hot and had a great walk around the lake and now off to to some curls ups and push ups! Zach and Parker thank you for being a wonderful inspiration to many!!! Goooooooo HikePotatoes!!!!!!

  4. Hey Zach. Good to hear from you on this trip too. Sounds like you guys are back on the road to adventure. For my money there,s no nice like strangers in a strange land nice.
    so I’m only doin 79 push hips. I did swim across the lake today! Abt..2.3 km, I’m inspired
    Good luck on your next leg.

    Coach dave.

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