Kids kids kids!

Hello all, today was a good day. We started off by rolling ourselves out of the tent flap and onto the road at 3:15 this morning to drive my mother to the Buffalo airport where she will be returning to Duluth. After the hour long drive to the airport we drove back to the campsite in Evengola State Park and proceeded to sleep in the car for another two hours before we had to get up to start our day. At 7:15 we woke up again, choked down some classic oatmeal with peanut butter and revved up the engine in the Prius to prepare for our trip out of town. We stopped by the southern Buffalo YMCA at 9:00 and gave a small presentation about healthy living, our story, and how they can be safe and healthy too. After our speech and many answered questions we walked around the camp at the YMCA and joined in a lacrosse game and a couple rounds of nuk ’em. Zach had the benefit of using both his arms where I had to do them both with just one. (I also will add that all camp games played today were won by the team that I was on) we also took some kids aside at that YMCA to have them be in our radio recording that will be aired tomorrow. Here are some pictures from this southern Buffalo YMCA:




After having a blast with that group of wonderful kids we moved onto Syracuse, NY where even more camp kids waited our arrival. We gave another presentation and answered all the awesome questions and then went off to join them in a game of water dodgeball. This game is where you put spongelike balls into buckets of water and whip them at other kids to try to get them out. It was quite the game! (It was slightly awkward seeing as Zach hit me with one right in the crotch in the first 5 seconds so the rest of the time it looked like I wet my pants) thanks Zach. Now we are killing some time before we eat something tonight and then we will end up crashing under the pavilion outside the YMCA. At least we don’t have to set up our tent. Here are some pictures from this YMCA:




I hope you guys are having a great time as well and please realize that some if those kids in those pictures wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for the strong kids campaign. Along with that, being healthy is a lifestyle, not a chore, so if you have any trouble fitting in exercise or healthy eating into your every day life, let us help. Send questions and pick our brains at

P.S. We ended up eating at a place called Dinosaur Barbecue, and it was incredibly delicious. Here are some pictures of the food and I quick pic of Syracuse, NY. Have a good one.





5 thoughts on “Kids kids kids!

  1. Lots of young folks there. You fellas sure have quite a following. Good for you because you are having an impact on many people. Keep up the campaign.

  2. Those kids all look up to you!! Great mentors for them!! You really are important to them – AND to us at HOME!! REMEMBER that too!! Looking forward to hearing more – OH…btw…what station is the interview on…? NEW York?? I’m assuming…

  3. Water dodgeball sounds like great fun! I’m glad you guys weren’t too tired for the days driving after getting up so early to get me to the airport. Thanks again! I appreciate your gracious generosity.

    These kids are so lucky to make your acquaintance. You are presenting them with healthy possibilities they may have never considered before.


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