The Adirondack Plan

Today we are headed into the Adirondack Park where there are countless hiking opportunities and beautiful sites to see. Our initial plan is to get up there today, do a small hike this afternoon, and then hike into our base camping area, Marcy Damn. Yes, this is the base camp to the highest peak in New York, Mount Marcy. We will begin our hike tomorrow morning and it will take us two full days to get back down. I have talked to some people and the word I keep hearing is “breathtaking.” I hope my iPhone camera will be able to amount to its full potential as I take many pictures for you all to enjoy as soon as we are able to post again. Please take time to realize that even if you don’t have a mountain to climb, you still can bike to work. Stay healthy.


3 thoughts on “The Adirondack Plan

  1. We all have mountains to climb in life! Thanks for the encouragement to get up and not only face our “mountains”, but climb them to get to what awaits us on the other side!! Enjoy and be safe!

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