Home Bound

We are on our way back. We stayed in Maine for the seventeenth where we went to a pond with all the camp kids and talked to them, along with jumping in and swimming with them. After the camp kids, we went out to Morse Mountain where you can hike out to the Atlantic. Zach and I ran through the trail and jumped in ocean to cool off afterwards. When we finished diving through waves and coughing up salt water we ran back to the car. It was a wonderful hike apart from the green headed horse flies they have here. Lets just say we made a dent in the population. After the hike we went back and found some dinner at a place by the name of Red’s Eats. You can get lobster rolls there, which is like a hot dog bun stuffed with two lobster tails and miscellaneous lobster meat. They were delicious. Following the lobster roll we were invited out to play cards with the ymca’s camp councilors. After a good time, we walked out to a peer in the pouring rain where we watched a tremendous lightning storm light up the sky for about an hour. After the storm, sleep followed. The next day we woke up and said goodbye to the camp kids. None of them wanted to see us go and were all hanging on us trying to stop us from leaving. Even a little boy gave me a stone telling me to remember him forever and to come back. It was one of the harder exits that we have had to make. Once on the road, we had a three hour drive to New Hampshire where we stayed with previous Duluth residents! They took is down to the lake for a swim and then made an awesome dinner with hot dogs, burgers, bratwurst, salad, quinoa, and strawberry short cake for dessert. That night Zach and I played a game of bumper pool, an older version of pool, and discovered that it is one of the hardest games EVER. After sleeping in two comfortable beds we made our way to a kitchen filled with blueberry pancakes. If I were to estimate, Zach and I had about 10 each. (With peanut butter on each one of course) after breakfast and getting our clothes washed we said goodbye to our lovely New Hampshire hosts and we moved onward to Buffalo, NY where we are currently staying with Kevin, a man we met before we climbed Mount Marcy. He ordered us some famous pizza and wings and we ate fully. But don’t get the wrong idea, tomorrow morning we are going on a run to burn all of it off. Tomorrow, oh tomorrow. We. Are. So. Excited. For. Tomorrow. We texted the nurse that we stayed with in London to see if we could pick it up tomorrow. She replied with (paraphrased) “I’m putting my foot down, you’re coming to our WEDDING, and celebrating with us and then spending the night at a house”. So, tomorrow we are going to a wedding! I can’t believe it. Anyway, I hope all of you are getting outside and drinking a lot of water! Even just go for a walk with your dog, they’ll love it and so will you.

P.S. I tried a new sandwich. Two cliff bars squished down. You put peanut butter in between the two and chow down. WOW. It was awesome.

Here are some pictures!


















4 thoughts on “Home Bound

  1. Hope to see you two back in Yale on your way through Michigan! I’m glad to see you made it to your destination and I’m even happier I followed your blog to keep up with your adventure!!

  2. DUDE! I used to be the bumper pool champion at the Boys & Girl’s Club in Duluth!!!! I was boss at that game. Glad to see you boys made it all the way to your destination despite all the obstacles you had to overcome. Next trip, make your way to San Diego! West coast is the best coast!

  3. So good to hear that you are making a positive impact on the Y kids! John loves the pictures of the food…. It must be a man thing!
    – Enjoy your trails on the way home!
    Aunt Marge and Uncle John

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