The Windy City

After setting out from Colin’s, we made our trek to Chicago. Zach’s cousin travels a lot for his work, so he hooked us up with a free hotel. The ride over was fairly uneventful, but once we got there we headed out from our hotel and made a nice walk around the area. The next day we woke up early to get on the road to see YMCA USA. Traffic wasn’t all that bad making our way to downtown Chicago, and we made sure to park far away so we could get a nice walk in before our tour. The actual tour was fun and we got to meet a lot of people who are behind all the major programs that all the YMCAs offer. I would like to thank all the different people that we met to let us pause your busy busy days to let us tell you about our story. You were all great listeners, a little better than the camp kIds, and it was really fun to see the heart of all the good that the YMCA does. After our tour we made our way back to the car to start our drive to Grand Rapids. The funny thing was, was that Zach found out a day before that his mom was actually fairly close by on business and that she could meet up with us for lunch. So, out of the blue, we had an awesome lunch with Zach’s mother. After the delicious lunch we made the rest of the way to Grand Rapids where we were planning on seeing a YMCA there, but it wasn’t figured out in time. So, slightly stranded, we made out way slightly northeastish to Bay City where we stayed with a guy we met so long ago. We had a relaxing night here were we got to get closer to them and exchange fun stories. Phew, you’re finally caught up. Now for our plans: Tomorrow we are staying at Petosky, MI, then Thursday night we will stay at Jeanie’s house. (The house that we stayed at our first night on our trip) then in the morning on Friday we will make our way to DULUTH. At 12:00 at the Duluth YMCA we will be there saying hello to the kids that wished us farewell a little over a month ago. Feel free to pop in and show your face, Zach and I would love to see you guys. As far as a formal homecoming, Mollie Nelson, the awesome marketing directed that has helped us endlessly on this whole trip came up with the brilliant idea of a potato bar. Mollie had to explain what it was to me, because I was not familiar so I will go by the assumption that you, the one reading this, does not know either. A potato bar (by the way this comes from our name the Bike Potatoes) is where you take a baked potato, and you have a bar of fixings where you stuff your baked potato. Then, in this case, you chow down on your potato while you listen to Zach and I talk forever about adventures on our trip, advice we have, reflections, and much much more. So, come down to the beach house at 5:00-6:30pm on Wednesday, July 31.

Here are some pictures:








2 thoughts on “The Windy City

  1. I am so grateful our paths crossed! I got to hear of some of your adventures first hand, see and hear how your extraordinary experiences have become a part of who you are…change is good! And learn of your appreciation of those you met along the way. You two are on your way to accomplishing all you set out to do. Even though your accident, Parker, was NOT part of the plan, I am impressed to see how you did not let that stop you. I admire the character you both have shown through this inspiring and wonderful adventure of great purpose. See you at home!

  2. It is wonderful to hear that YMCA USA invited you to their office in Chicago. They must be impressed with your adventure like the rest of us.

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