Wedding Crashers

On July 20th we were able to crash a wedding. The nurse that we stayed with after our crash 3 weeks ago told us about their wedding and let us know that we could crash it if we wanted. Coming back from Maine, Zach and I realized that we very well could crash the wedding, so we made sure to set aside the time. It was a little tough at first because we did not know so many people, but after a few conversations about our story it felt like we belonged there. We had a great time at the wedding meeting everyone and indulging in the food. The music that was there was awesome and the wedding itself was fabulous. At the wedding we met many of people, one of which was Colin and in loving our story he decided to take us in for the following night. He took us out to the lake (Huron) where we jet skied and water skied and enjoyed the warm weather. After that he made sure we were fed and followed food with a night full of conversations of depth. The next morning he sent us off with eggs in our stomach and smiles on our faces. Thanks for a good time and I wish all of our Canadian friends the best of travels and that we will return.

Here are some pictures:








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