Our Last Night.

“End one only to begin another” I am not sure if anyone has ever stated that quote before, but it is what is ringing in both of our heads at the moment. We are 80 miles away from Duluth at our first stop on the trip, Jeanie’s. It rained earlier, but after a 9 hour drive the night couldn’t appear more beautiful.

Zach and I did not complete a 3700 mile bike tour. However, I believe we achieved so much more. We did complete a bike tour though, about 1200 miles in 12 days. After a drastic turn in our plan we were able to spend more time with the YMCAs and more time with the camp kids. We were also able to get closer with the community and spreading our message on a more personal level. For heaven’s sake, we attended a wedding. On a bike tour. Along with this we hiked three of the highest mountains in New York, Kayaked miles and miles on lake George, and went on the occasional run. It’s one thing to say that you have biked out to Maine and back. It’s another to be able to say that with the extra time we had, I have kids with their parents wanting us to come back and visit them all across this country. It is something to say that you have made a difference. We did all of this to stress to you not only the importance of exercise or the strong kids, but the importance of making this difference. If you believe in something, use our story as motivation to go out and express it. No excuses, no complications, “just (in the words of Nike) do it.”

We will arrive in Duluth tomorrow at the YMCA at 12:00 to talk to some kids at 12:30. This isn’t exactly our homecoming, but if you wanted to go to that, it is next Wednesday, the 31st, at 5:00-6:30. Come join us at the beach house. Maybe show your support by riding your bike there.

I will also stress that Zach and I are not done. Oh no. This trip is about to end, but our healthy lifestyles are far from finished. And to also let you know ( I know it is a lot of things, but hey, prime time for reflection right?) that you should always keep your faith in humanity. It is unfortunate that we are always presented with so many evil things people do every day, but use our story to show you that there are some gems out there, and of course to be one yourself.

I’ll stop blabbering now and let you guys soak up some pictures:









2 thoughts on “Our Last Night.

  1. You two really impress me with your problem-solving, relationship-building, mission-focused actions. Congratulations on keeping your intentions out in front of you all the way…. for never giving up…. for going on when it hurt. I can only imagine the conversations you had along the way to make everything work. As Tony Robbins would say, “All I need is within me now, and I have the courage to see it through.” Thank you for being such great examples for kids, for the public that you met along the way, and for those of us who have been following you on your blog. For me, reading about your adventures everyday has been a MUST! You have duly entertained John and I each day! One more thing… When we have the opportunity to experience the leadership shown by you two, we don’t mind being in the senior citizen category. It gives us hope for the future of our society. Thank you both very much for sharing your adventures, for sharing who you are, and for inspiring people everywhere to get off the couch and live healthy lives, encourage strong kids and promote social responsibility! Aunt Marge

  2. Should I be embarrassed to share that this last blog made me cry? Well, just say, that with a big lump in my throat I am writitng this. I feel that so much more has taken place than what is written here: lives you have touched that you have no idea you have, prayers that have been answered, character that has been shaped, faith that has grown, hope restored…the list could go on. I cannot express how proud I am of both of you for making the positive impact that you have across many states and in many hearts. Welcome home!

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